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Three good reasons
Everyday we work hard to make really cool games and arts!
All our professionals have many years of great experience.
We are always happy to realize any of your wishes!
We have scalable prices for any job.
We have been cooperating with ambitious companies from all over the world for many years, such as Playrix, Fridays games, Frostgate, Topgames and other game development companies!

Our Projects
Have you ever thought about just quitting your job and running away to chase your dreams? If you're not feeling particularly adventurous right now, that's okay; you can start a new journey in Farmscapes instead! Together we can respond to a call for help from a childhood friend, and pursue our greatest dream: opening a pet park that's filled to the brim with nothing but love for our animal companions!
Museum story
Swap around and match artifacts by color to collect objects, decorate rooms and halls of the museum and solve mystery quests! Beat breathtaking match-3 levels, search for hidden treasures of ancient civilizations and carve your way through a story packed with adventurous scenes. Excited? Mystery museum is waiting for you!

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